On a trip of Amsterdam and on a lookout for indian food? We love all kinds of food, But we cannot simply live without a little tadka, a pinch of Garam Masala and a dash of laal mirchi, Right!

So Ganesha restaurant is the perfect choice for Indian food. Take your pick and eat away. Ganesha restautrant, founded in 2009 near the central station in Amsterdam. It is synonynmous the world over the right blend of luxury and quite efficiency. Also, provides exceptionally attentive, personalised and warm service. Ganesha Restaurant have established a reputation of excellence as well as offering quality and value. It presents the ideal choice for families, Business person and leisure travellers who loves indian food.


Ganesha Restaurant offers authentic indian food with a bit of modern twist. Our world-class chef prepares authentic dishes that are rich with the traditional ingredients and flavours of regional offerings, enhanced by the modern flair of plating and elegant styling. We have spicy and non spicy variants, as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices to cater to all palates and preferences. From hand-picked seafood choices to exotic meats, You are sure to find a dish that will deliver a new experience . We source our ingredients from the best markets in the world, in order to bring completely authentic flavour to each dish. You can also partner a dish with your choice of beverage from our menu . We offer a variety of finely mixed beverages to satisfy your thirst, From fruity drinks to sweet mixes that play around your palate.

The vibrant and colorful setting is extremely pleasing to the eye, with beautiful indian interiors including sitting area, wall paintings etc. From the original decors, to the talented service team and ofcourse the unparelleled cuisine, Ganesha is a dining experience to delight the senses. Truly, indian cuisine at it’s finest!. Indian Restaurant Amsterdam is fovorite not only among the Indians, but outsider folks too. Each and eveything on the menu is delicious and you have so many amazing options to choose from! Something that you should absolutely get your hands on is the Mughlai curries and the tandoori dishes


The Must Try Dishes At Your favorite :

  • Lamb Tikka Tandori

  • King Prawn Tandoori

  • Tandoori Chicken

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Butter chicken

  • Lamb Saag

  • Balti Fish

  • Paneer Jhal Frezie

  • Egg Pulao

So the next time you visit Amsterdam, You must Visit Ganesha Restaurant which gives you feel like home . Each dish is different from the other and the phenomenal taste which you will magically fall in love with. Go with you family as well as friends and makes your dining experience exceptionally perfect.

Source Link : http://indianrestaurantganesha.com/grab-the-best-palates-of-indian-tandoori-food-in-amsterdam/

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