Besides its rich cultural tradition and heritage, what makes india immensely famous worldwide are the diverse cuisine it offers. When it comes to desserts, No one can beat the varieties of sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, Indian desserts is there to satisfy your cravings.


Indian Restaurant ganesha offers plethora of yummy desserts – each with its own speciality, texture, taste and richness of traditions. Taste these uniquely delicious treats for a happy starting or ending of your meal!

Desserts We Offer :

  • Gulab Jamun: A dark brown half the golfed size ball amazingly sweet in taste is what gulab jamun looks like. Highly nutritious, it is made by thickening milk and therafter dipped in rose flavoured sugar syrup


  • Kheer : Made with rice, milk sugar and garnished dry fruits, This creamy rice pudding is sweetly flavoured and a slight dose with cardamom and nuts make it simply amazing. It is available round the year and that is what makes it a great delight available at any point of time.


  • Kulfi : Owing its roots to the rich indian cuisine traditions, This indian ice-cream is served on a tili, a thin wooden stick, soaked in rabri that make it amazing in taste. With mild cardamom flavor, kesar flavor, it becomes ever inviting.


  • Mango Kulfi : It is the most famous indian frozen desserts. Rich, creamy, nutty and simply delicious. It is perfectly make you refreshing. It is made of milk boiled in slow simmer until it is reduced to almost half in volume and naturally become thick and creamy. Nuts and saffron added to mango kulfi make it more delicious and in last mango pulp is added.Mango-Kulfi


You can taste and feel the authenticity of indian desserts in Amsterdam. Ganesha Restaurant make you feel you are in india with thier wide Range of indian cuisine. Enjoy the aromatic and flavorful meals and get the amazing dining experiance with your family as well as friends.

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