The FIFA world cup 2018 brings together football fans from around the world, all geared up in hopes of watching their favourite country win. While Germany emerged as the winner in 2014, we’re only about 10 days away from finding out who takes the cup this year. Whether you’ve been following the tournament since it began on June 14, or you’re one of those who only like to catch up on stats once the final few matches come around, or you’re just accompanying your football-loving friends for the food and drink offers.



Indian Restaurant Ganesha invites you to the thrilling live screening of the fifa world cup 2018 matches with our special offers on meals.

Watch the beautiful game on the big screen. Now, Watch all the drama and action live, as it happens – on a giant screen. Ganesha Restaurant presents screening of the matches in an incredible environment. Put on the jersey of the country you support, and Gather your gang of football fanatics for an electrifying evening to cheer up your Favorite team. While watching the game at the big screen, you’ll have countless options of drinks and food to choose from.

Why Ganesha Restaurant is preferred for live fifa sports?

We are designed as a meeting place for family and friends in a casually and friendly environment. It combines love for sports and best quality food with friendly services.

Have FIIFA FEVER? Then here’s a good news for you. In our restaurant, live match will stream on big screen therefore you can enjoy sports while having your meal.

Whether you’re looking to dine with three people or 20 people, we can mix and match food combinations without a hassle. No one has to fight over the last bite of the meal!

The food you order is over but still you want to relish the match on big screen? Not to worry, In our place you can enjoy the match without any hassle.

Our staff understand that this is your day and that we need to be polite and courteous. We strive for excellence both in the quality of our food and in our interaction with you.

When : Till 15th July
Time : All the matches will be aired as per the schedule of FIFA
Where : Indian Restaurant Ganesha
Gelderskade 5 , 1011 Amsterdam EH

The Ganesha restaurant is in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the Central station. A perfect base for a day to end with Indian traditional dinner or you can continue your journey to nightlife in Amsterdam. The dishes are traditionally prepared. Also for people who have no experience with Indian food, it is definitely recommended to visit this restaurant. Do not be afraid of hot dishes. Our cook has thirty years experience and will cook according to your taste. You Can enjoy the most happening event of the Year that is FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 on big screen with our special meals.

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