Indian Restaurant Ganesha is near to you for serve Flavorous and delectable wines. You can find a wine here, according to your preference and can enjoy with your friends. It is usually made from grapes or can also be made from other fruits or flowers.

Wines are high in antioxidants and drinking moderate amounts . You can take special meal with wine. Get to know more about the Ganesha wines you can look the menu below.
Variety of wines are serve by Ganesha Restaurant:

Modern Wine Menu :

House Wine

  • Principality Chardonnay
  • Principality Merlot

Sweet White Wine:

  • Area Wonnegau Spatlese, Rheinhessen
  • Prosecco Caneela, Italie

White Wines

  • Baron Louis Blanc, Pays D’oc
  • Sauvignon Blanc, bougrier, Loire
  • Pinot Blanc, Klingenfus, Alsace
  • Chardonnay, Los Vascos, Chili
  • Sancerre, Bougrier, Lorie

Red Wines

  • Baron Louis Rouge, Pays D’oc
  • Cotes Du Rhone Villages, Saint Pierre Cellars, Rhone fles
  • Merlot, Chibet, Pays D’oc
  • Saint Emilion, Chateau Roger Figeac
  • Domaine La Combe “Red”
  • Chateau Trincaud

These all wines are one of the favourite of customers. Ganesha not provide drinks and wines to below 18 age. There are some other wines which are not mentioned above but, you can find on our Drink Menu.

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