Food is life for all. Wasting of food is wasting of life. Don’t forget that we can’t live without food in this world. It becomes a necessary part of our life. We should get inspired to look at destitute people who have no food.

Why should not waste? A lot of effort you do just for food, earn money to buy food. Have you thought at once before throw out your leftovers. Wastage of food means that you are totally, wasted your planetary resources. Most of the food items didn’t consume by ourselves that had consumed by other resources like water, minerals and nutrients.

Bad-Effects occurs due to throw food:

We throw away food that could be eaten, it rots in landfill and creates harmful green houses gases which may effected in our living environment. There are lots of things that we can do to cut down on various wasted food and drinks.

Take Food According To Requirement:

We should take a food according to our requirement. Unusually, What we did? Most of the time we take food in large quantity and then after, that we have no option instead throw-away-food.

How we can stop wastage of food?

  1. Take a food in small quantity.
  2. Serve to kids in smaller amount.
  3. Store leftover food in freezer.
  4. Always cook food according to requirement.


This riveting study helped us to understand the importance of food and endorse us to not buy more than we needed. Try to protect yourself from temping deals like buy one and get one free they totally take advantage from this and we don’t know how we are grab. Save to yourself and also save your money.

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