Thousands have lived without love, no one live without food or water.

Netherlands have a mild climate which is alter by North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Here, summers are cool and moderate winters. Sometimes, in winter temperature far below zero.

Government encourage farmers to support organic farming. Organic Farming comes under agricultural system which was originated early in the 20th century; it has been recently concern with vegetables and reduce to use high dose of chemicals to observe the health of people.

Youngster interaction reduces day-by-day with kitchen. Today they want to eat Burger, Noodles and all that. Look at their faces, one understand how much they enjoy nature. They are going far from traditional food may be one reason that most of people move on from villages to cities or may be that parents have no time to cook a food or to pack their tiffin due to have less time. Students preferred food from outside. In, today’s busy environment we can see that people feel loneliness and unusual health problems in spite of success and family in close vicinity.

Most of the tourists visit Netherlands and each and every time they want to eat something exclusive and luscious. Always take extra food when all sit together and doing dinner.

Suggestion, is to get children close to nature. Food and People so that their entire life will be blessed with wealth of love and healthy friendships.

Try!! to eat together and feed each other. It will be a beautiful way to establish bonding and perceive the flow of love in food.

Source Link: https://indianrestaurantganesha.com/flow-of-love-in-food-at-anywhere

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